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Molecular Plant Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Plant Science (MPS)

The MPS program is at the forefront of plant science research, aiming to address the needs of the ever-expanding human population and help mitigate the impacts of climate changes.

MPS research is both fundamental and translational, including:

  • enhanced food production with improved nutrition in a sustainable manner;
  • materials for the renewable bioeconomy (plastics, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, etc.);
  • protecting crops from disease/pests;
  • providing bio-based solutions to a changing climate.

Research topics include Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Crop and Soil Sciences, and Molecular Breeding of the crops of the future.

Graduates pursue careers in Biotechnology & Agricultural Industries, Academic Research & Teaching, Government Research & Policy Making, Entrepreneurial Development & Leadership, and many more.

Why Study Molecular Plant Sciences at Washington State University?

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