Recommended Courses

Molecular Plant Sciences (MPS)

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
MPS 515 Seminar in Molecular Plant Sciences1every semesterrequired
MPS 525 Plant Molecular Genetics3fall semestersrequired
MPS 570 Advanced Topics in Molecular Plant Sciences (Journal Club)1every semesterrequired

Recommended elective courses for the MPS degree (other courses may be taken with Advisory Committee approval)


SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
CHEM 531 Advanced Physical Chemistry I3fall semesters
MBIOS 465 Principles of Biophysical Chemistry3spring semesters
MBIOS 578 Bioinformatics3fall semesters

Plant Physiology/Development/Structure-function/Metabolism

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
BIOLOGY 513 Plant Metabolism3every other fall (2024, 2026, etc.)
HORT 516 Advanced Horticultural Crop Physiology3spring semesters
BIOLOGY 517 Stress Physiology of Plants3spring, even years (2024, 2026, etc.)
MPS 587 Advanced Topics in Plant Biochemistry1-3TBD

Plant biology/Environment

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
BIOLOGY 509 Plant Anatomy3fall 2025, next taught. (normally even fall semesters)
BIOLOGY 540 Stable Isotope Theory and Methods3currently not taught; earliest in fall 2026
BIOLOGY 569 Ecosystem Biology and Global Change3currently not taught; earliest in fall 2026
CROP_SCI 411 Crop Environment Interactions3fall semesters
PL_P 513 Plant Nematology3spring, odd years (2025, 2027, etc.)
HORT 503 Advanced Topics in Horticulture2fall semesters
HORT 518 Post-harvest Biology and Technology3fall semesters
PL_P 511 Viruses and Virus Diseases of Plants3spring, odd years (2025, 2027, etc.)
PL_P 514 Phytobacteriology3fall, even years (2024, 2026, etc.)

Genetics/Cell Biology

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
BIOLOGY 504 Experimental Methods in Molecular Biology3spring semesters
BIOLOGY 521 Quantitative Genetics3spring semesters
CROP_SCI 503 Advanced Cropping Systems3fall semesters
CROP_SCI 504 Plant Transmission Genetics3not regularly offered/offered based on interest
CROP_SCI 545 Statistical Genomics3spring, odd years (2025, 2027, etc.)
E_MIC 586 Special Projects in Electron MicroscopyVevery semester
PL_P 535 Molecular Genetics of Plant and Pathogen Interactions3spring semesters

Data and Math

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
CROP_SCI 545 Statistical Genomicsspring, odd years (2025, 2027, etc.)
550 Bioinformatics for Research

Data Analytics

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
STAT 443 Applied Probability3fall semesters
STAT 523 Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists3spring semesters
STAT 536 Statistical Computing3fall semesters
CPT_S 415 Big Data3fall semesters
CPT_S 437 Introduction to Machine Learning3fall semesters
CPT_S 577 Structured Prediction: Algorithms and Applications (Machine Learning)3
MATH 565 Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization with Applications3spring semesters
MBIOS 578 Bioinformatics3fall semesters
HORT 550 Bioinformatics for Research4fall, even years based on interest. Contact Dorrie Main for details

Professional Development

SubjectCreditsWhen Offered
BIOLOGY 582 Professional Communication in Biology – Grant Writing2spring semesters