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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences


Seminar Series

Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Fall 2018 Seminar Series (MPS 515)

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 12:10 p.m in Bryan Hall 305, unless otherwise noted.

DateLocationSpeakerSeminar TitleTitle & Affiliation
Aug. 22Bryan Hall 305 MPS GSO student meeting
Aug. 29Bryan Hall 305Cancelled
Sept. 5Bryan Hall 305 Philip Bates"Defining the Plant Lipid Metabolic Network and Identifying Bottlenecks to Oil Engineering: What Determines Fatty Acid Flux?"Assistant Professor, Institute of Biological Chemistry - WSU
Sept. 12Bryan Hall 305 Lee Hadwiger“The activation of plant defense genes by fungal and other signals that target the host DNA or chromatin directly” Emeritus Professor, Plant Pathology, WSU
Sept. 19Bryan Hall 305 Scott Carle"Sailing the Tidal Wave - Tools for Using Marker Data in Crop Breeding"MPS PhD Candidate, Crop and Soil Sciences
Sept. 26Bryan Hall 305Cancelled
Oct. 3Bryan Hall 305 Rachael DeTar“Chloroplast Ion Homeostasis: New Insights into Organelle Function using a Systems Biology Approach”. MPS Graduate Student
Oct. 10Bryan Hall 305 Jennifer Lachowiec“Understanding Mechanisms of Phenotypic Robustness”Assistant Professor, Plant Quantitative Genetics and Genomics, Montana State University
Oct. 17Bryan Hall 305 Craig Pikaard"Mechanisms of selective gene silencing"Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Distinguished Professor and Carlos O. Miller Professor, Department of Biology and Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Indiana University
Oct. 24Bryan Hall 305 Jordan Zager“Regulation of Terpenoid Biosynthesis in Secretory Cell Types”MPS PhD Candidate, Institute of Biological Chemistry
Oct. 31Bryan Hall 305 Cancelled
Nov. 7Bryan Hall 305 Julia Bailey-Serres "Plants, Oxygen and Water Extremes" Director, Center for Plant Cell Biology (CEPCEB), Institute of Integrative Genome Biology, Professor of Genetics, Botany and Plant Sciences University of California - Riverside
Nov. 14Bryan Hall 305 Erika Kruse"Quantitative Quirks: Selection for Snow Mold Tolerance in Winter Wheat"MPS PhD Candidate, Crop and Soil Sciences
Nov. 21University break No Seminar
Nov. 28Bryan Hall 305 OPEN
Dec. 5Bryan Hall 305 OPEN



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