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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences

Seminar Series

Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Spring 2020 Seminar Series (MPS 515)

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 12:10 p.m in Bryan Hall 305, unless otherwise noted.

Date LocationSpeakerSeminar TitleTitle & Affiliation
Jan. 15Bryan Hall 305 MPS GSO MeetingStudent Meeting
Jan. 22Bryan Hall 305 Caitlin Jacques
“Production location of the gelling agent Phytagel has a significant impact on Arabidopsis thaliana seedling phenotypic analysis”MPS PhD Candidate, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, WSU
Jan. 29Bryan Hall 305 Robert Brueggeman“Barley genome reorganization baits an immunity receptor to trap stem rust”Associate Professor, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, WSU
Feb. 5Seminar CancelledUniversity Closure
Feb. 12Bryan Hall 305Stanislav Kopriva“Sulfur nutrition in C4 plants”IBC Special Seminar: Professor, Head of Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences, Institute of Botany, University of Cologne
Feb. 19Bryan Hall 305 Jesse Bengtsson"An Arabidopsis Calcium-binding EF-hand family protein is a putative regulator of lipid accumulation"MPS PhD Candidate, Institute of Biological Chemistry, WSU
Feb. 26Bryan Hall 305Sajina Bhandari“Triacylglycerol Assembly in Lesquerella (Physaria fendleri)”MPS Graduate Student, Institute of Biological Chemistry, WSU
Mar. 4Bryan Hall 305 Qingyan Meng“Probing dirigent protein biochemical mechanisms in diverse metabolic pathways: pterocarpans”MPS Graduate Student, Institute of Biological Chemistry, WSU
Mar. 11Bryan Hall 305 Yan Liu“A functional analysis of amino acids conserved in SEO proteins that form contractile forisomes”MPS PhD Candidate, Department of Plant Pathology, WSU
Mar. 18No SeminarSpring Break
Mar. 25Seminar Cancelled
Apr. 1Zoom ID:
970 632 384
Rachael DeTar“The role of KEA1 and KEA2 K+/H+ antiporters in chloroplast ion homeostasis and proteostasis”MPS PhD Candidate, Institute of Biological Chemistry, WSU
Apr. 8Seminar Cancelled
Apr. 15Seminar Cancelled
Apr. 22Zoom ID:
928 490 726
Raed Al Saharin
“Characterization and exploring the role of Brassica AP2/ERF transcription factors as CUL3-dependent E3 ligase substrates”MPS PhD Candidate, School of Biological Sciences, WSU



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