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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences

Seminar Series

Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Spring 2019 Seminar Series (MPS 515)

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 12:10 p.m in Bryan Hall 305, unless otherwise noted.

DateLocationSpeakerSeminar TitleTitle & Affiliation
Jan. 9Bryan Hall 305 MPS GSO student meeting
Jan. 16Bryan Hall 305No Seminar
Jan. 23Bryan Hall 305Canceled
Jan. 30Bryan Hall 305Philipp Zerbe“Defensive Diterpenoid Networks in Food and Biofuel Crops”Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Biological Sciences, University of California - Davis
Feb. 6Bryan Hall 305David Crowder"Exploring mechanisms underlying plant-aphid-virus interactions in the Palouse”Associate Professor, Entomology, Washington State University
Feb. 13Bryan Hall 305No seminar
Feb. 20Bryan Hall 305Canceled
Feb. 27Bryan Hall 305Canceled
Mar. 6Bryan Hall 305Richard Allen White III"Unraveling rhizosphere plant-microbial interactions with multiomics"Post-doctoral fellow, CSS & PP departments, Washington State University
Mar. 13Spring BreakNo Seminar
Mar. 20Bryan Hall 305Dr. Thelma Madzima"RNA-directed DNA methylation and abiotic stress mediated transcriptional regulation in maize"Assistant Professor, School of STEM, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Washington - Bothell
Mar. 27Bryan Hall 305Ryan Christian"Are All Plastids Created Equal? Diversity, Function, and Evolution of Chloroplast-Targeted Proteins and Transit Peptides in Plants"MPS PhD Candidate, Department of Horticulture
April 3Bryan Hall 305Jaimie VanNorman"PLK1, an Arabidopsis receptor kinase, links lateral cell polarity with cell proliferation in the root’s radial axis"Assistant Professor of Plant Cell & Development Biology, University of California, Riverside
April 10Bryan Hall 305Nathan Grant"wheat survey: quantifying agronomic and photosynthetic variation among selected cultivars"MPS PhD Candidate, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
April 17Bryan Hall 305MPS Faculty Meeting
April 24Bryan Hall 305Canceled




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