Seminar Series

Seminar Series

Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Spring 2024 Seminar Series
(MPS 515)

Seminars are held Wednesday at 12:10 p.m.

All seminars will be held in person at Biotechnology-Life Sciences (BLS) 402 and via Zoom. Email for details. 

1/10/2024MPS students and staffToday at seminar we will be introduce you to our RSO, DEI, Seminar Committee, Admin. team, as well as have a few updates and reminders.
1/17/2024Dr. Saumik BasuEntomology"Investigating plant-insect-pathogen interactions using molecular and ecological approaches."

In agroecosystems, plants frequently confront multiple biotic stressors, including herbivores and pathogens. The nature of these interactions plays a crucial role in mediating the activation of plant defense mechanisms. However, the nature and magnitude of these defense responses and host plant quality are dependent on the diversity, traits, and order of arrival of multiple biotic stressors. In my research, I use various molecular and ecological tools to investigate the various plant mediated above- and belowground interactions and seeking strategies to develop sustainable and novel pest and pathogen management strategies.
2/7/2024Dr. Toby KelloggElizabeth A. Kellogg is the Robert E. King Distinguished Investigator at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Google Scholar“The genome that took over the world.”
2/14/2024MPS Faculty meeting
2/21/2024Dr. Larry YorkOakridge National Laboratory and editor in chief of the journal Plant Direct."Generative AI and Publishing in the Plant Sciences."
2/28/2024Dr. Rae OlssonProgram Administrator for the Honey Bee Research Program & Member of the WSU Entomology Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Talk on Writing Diversity Statements
3/6/2024Luigi PeracchiCrop and Soil Sciences"An investigation of how lignin synthesis, deposition, and composition contribute to biotic stress resistance and abiotic stress tolerance in grasses."
3/13/2024Spring Break - No Seminar
3/20/2024Dr. Andrew BentPlant Pathology at University of Wisconsin – Madison
"Converting Loci to Mechanisms: Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode."
3/27/2024Andrew HerrCrop and Soil Science“Applications of UAS Imagery in Wheat Breeding.”
4/10/2024Abby EakerPlant Pathology"Into the wild: learning about plant-microbe interactions from non-cultivated legumes."
4/17/2024Miguel RosasCrop and Soil Sciences"BUZZed on nitrate: The effect of a root hairless phenotype on nitrate acquisition in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon."
4/24/2024Dr. Keith WoodCEO, Light Bio "Bioluminescent plants: 40 years in the making."


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