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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences

We are pleased to announce the following degrees awarded.


Fall 2018

Jordan Zager “Regulation of Terpenoid Biosynthesis in Secretory Cell Types”  Advisor:  Bernd Markus Lange

Paul David Mihalyov “Reinforcing the Hexaploid Wheat Breeding Pipeline with Genomic Prediction of Quantitative Traits”  Advisor:  Michael Pumphrey

Xiaoyue April Chen “(-)-Kolavenyl Diphosphate Synthase and Acetyltransferase Involved in Salvinorin A Biosynthesis Pathway in Salvia Divinorum”  Advisor:  David R. Gang

Aaron Ogden “Metabolic progression during development of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the Medicago-Sinorizobium symbiosis and the role of HsIUV and ClpXP protease machinery”  Advisor:  Michael Kahn

Summer 2018

Gracen Smith.  “Identification and Characterization of Genes Required for Chilling Tolerance in Arabidopsis”  Advisor:  John Browse

Spring 2018

Korey Brownstein, “Using Metabolomics to Investigate Native American Medicinal Plants and Their Uses”  Advisor:  David Gang

Lindani Moyo, “Tuber Necrosis-causing Viruses of Potato:  Genetic Diversity and Host-pathogen Interactions”  Advisor:  Hanu Pappu

Kim Hixson, “Network and Multi-omics Analyses of Arabidopsis Arogenate Dehydratase Knock-out and Over-Expression Mutants”  Advisor:  Norman Lewis

Matthew Garneau, “Understanding the physiological role of amino acid transport processes in pea (Pisum sativum L.) metabolism and performance”  Advisor:  Mechthild Tegeder

Wade Roberts,  “Evolutionary genomics of flower diversification in the magic flowers (Achimenes, Gesneriaceae)”  Advisor:  Eric Roalson

Shantel Martinez, “Genetic and Hormonal Mechanisms Controlling Grain Dormancy and Preharvest Sprouting Tolerance in White Wheat”  Advisor:  Camille M. Steber

Ragupathi Nagarajan, “Improving Thermal Stability of Wheat Rubisco Activase (TaRCA) via Molecular Characterization and Genetic Modification”  Advisor:  Kulvinder Gill

Fall 2017
Fainmarinat Selviani Inabuy, “Biosynthesis of Plant Specialized Diterpenoids:  Leveraging Metabolic and Transcriptomic Profiling for Gene Discovery”  Advisor:  Bernd M. Lange

James Patrick Madrid Santiago, “Investigating the Function of Leaf Amino Acid Transporters In Source and Sink Physiology in Arabidopsis thaliana”  Advisor:  Mechthild Tegeder

Spring 2017
Ben Kilian
,  “Identifying the Genetic Mechanism of Ethylene-Inductible Fruit Abscission in Sweet Cherry”  Advisor:  Amit Dhingra

Ryan Boyd,  “Variation in Photosynthetic Enzyme Kinetics and Carbon Isotope Fractionation Paremeters”  Advisor:  Asaph Cousins

Hong-Li Chou,  “The role of multifunctional RNA finding protein OsTudor-SN in rice storage protein mRNAs transport and localization”  Advisor Thomas Okita

Aaron Mahoney,  “Genetic Characterization and Rhizophere Microbial Community Analysis Associated with Root Rot Disease of Wheat”  Advisors:  Scot Hulbert, Patricia Okubara

Gaganjot Sidhu,  “Understanding the role of auxin and its transport in controlling wheat development”  Advisor:  Kulvinder Gill

Summer 2016
Sierra Beecher, “Rheology and Conductivity of Phloem”  Advisor:  Michael Knoblauch

Timothy Ross-Elliott, “StruStructural and Functional Aspects of Protophloem Sieve Element Unloading in the Root Tips of Arabidopsis thaliana”  Advisor:  Michael Knoblauch

Brenton Poirier,  “Investigating the Biosynthesis, Function, and Physiological Significance of Isoprenoids in Arabidopsis thaliana”  Advisor: Mark Lange

Spring 2016
Bilal Cakir,
“Elucidating the Rate Limiting Components of Starch Biosynthesis”  Advisor:  Thomas Okita

Na Sa, “Identification and Characterization of the Missing Phosphatase on the Riboflavin Biosynthesis Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana”  Advisor:  Sanja Roje

David Seth Favero, “Transcriptional Control of Arabidopsis Development by AHLS”  Advisor:  Michael Neff

Fall 2015
Amandeep Dhaliwal,
“Molecular Characterization of a Wheat Ortholog of ABCB1(TaABCB1) Gene Involved in Dwarfism via Interrupted Auxin Transport”  Advisor: Kulvinder Gill

Kimberly Lynn Cotton, “Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of Essential Enzymes in Triacylglycerol Synthesis in Arabidopsis”  Advisor:  John Browse

Keiko Michell Tuttle, “Hormonal and Genetic Mechanisms Controlling Preharvest Sprouting and Late Maturity Alpha-Amylase Tolerance in Wheat”  Advisor:  Camille Steber, Michael Pumphrey

Summer 2015
Ramanjot Kaur,
PhD Molecular Plant Sciences – “Understanding and Utilizing Chromosome Paring Control in Polyploid Wheat”  Advisor:  Kulvinder Gill

Spring 2015
Reuben Tayengwa, 
PhD Molecular Plant Sciences – “Molecular Genetic Analysis of Two Plant-Specific Gene Families, SOFL and AHL, in Arabidopsis thaliana”  Advisor:  Michael Neff

Sven Nelson, PhD Molecular Plant Sciences – “Transcriptomic and hormonal analyses to elucidate the control of Arabidopsis seed dormancy”  Advisor(s):Camille Steber, Michael Neff