Dr. Amit Dhingra

Amit Dhingra



Professor, Department of Horticulture. Ph.D. 2000, University of Delhi South Campus, India, and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.


Horticultural crops have unique biology and are thus an intriguing study system Investigations in my research program are focused on understanding important biological phenomenon in horticultural crops. We integrate transcriptomics, molecular biology, plant physiology, functional and translational genomics approaches to identify gene(s) participating in a biological process. In collaboration with the in-house bioinformatics expertise in Rosaceae, the ultimate goal is to develop resources that will support the establishment of time saving and cost effective methodologies for effective horticultural crop improvement.

I have had a long standing interest in chloroplast genomics, plastid transformation and gene expression. The recently described ASAP methodology (Dhingra and Folta, 2005), which facilitates the rapid and economical sequencing of chloroplast genomes is being employed to resolve phylogenetic issues in plant Orders and Families. A bioinformatics resource for organelle genomics is being developed based on this method. Plastid transformation offers several benefits compared to nuclear integration of transgenes. Maternal inheritance of plastid genome in majority of crops mitigates concerns of transgene outcross. We are interested in extending this technology to tree fruit crops as an additional research resource and a novel product for the market.

An additional interest includes photobiology and photosynthesis engineering. We have recently described the effect of green light, considered to be a benign part of the light spectrum, on the plastid transcriptome. I am interested in the identification of green light response elements in the chloroplast genome. Photosynthetic efficiency can have a bearing on the biomass production in plants. We are interested in modifying Rubisco to tamper with its affinity for oxygen and efficiency of carbon dioxide capture for eventually improving biomass.

Selected Publications

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