Dr. Camille Steber

Molecular Geneticist with USDA-ARS, Assistant Professor (Adjunct) of Crop and Soil Sciences. Ph.D.1996, University of Chicago.
Camille Steber.


Seed dormancy and germination are controlled by a complex web of plant hormone interactions. While GA stimulates germination, abscisic acid (ABA) inhibits germination and is required for establishment of seed dormancy. We recently found that brassinosteroid (BR) is also needed to stimulate germination. Our research objectives are to

1) identify genes involved in GA signal transduction
2) test the hypothesis that the F-box gene SLEEPY1 of Arabidopsis transmits the GA signal by directing degradation of the RGA/GAI family of transcription factors
3) elucidate the interactions between the plant hormone signaling pathways controlling germination and
4) apply the knowledge gained to controlling preharvest sprouting in wheat.


Selected Publications

Ariizumi, T., Hauvermale, A.L., Nelson, S.K., Hanada, A., Yamaguchi, S., Steber, C.M. 2013. Lifting DELLA repression of seed germination through proteolytic and non-proyteolytic GA signaling. Plant Physiology 162:2125-2139.

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