Dr. Diter von Wettstein

Diter von Wettstein

In Memorium

R.A. Nilan Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences.
Ph.D. 1953, Univ of Tübingen; Ph.D. 1953,
Univ of Stockholm; D.Sc. 1957, Univ. of Stockholm.
Dieter von Wettstein.


Currently two research projects are pursued.

1) Celiac sprue patients have to live with total abstinence from wheat, barley, rye containing food. Their painful erasure of the brushborder in the small intestine is caused by protein sequences (epitopes) in grain storage proteins that cannot be digested by stomach, pancreatic and intestinal enzymes and cause the autoimmune destruction of the brushborder. The great majority of these epitopes are located in wheat prolamin proteins called gliadins. A mutant has been identified that cannot synthesize these type of prolamins. The mutation prevents the transcription of the corresponding genes as it inactivates an enzyme that has to remove methyl groups from the DNA before these genes can be transcribed in the endosperm into messenger RNA for translation into protein. But the wheat High Molecular Weight glutenin type protein that alone determines baking quality is synthesized because it is transcribed and translated from genes that do not require de-methylation. We are therefore looking for these type of mutants to get rid of all the gliadins. Excellent bread roles were baked from flour lacking gliadins but with an addition of purified High Molecular Weight glutenin produced in fermenters by yeast containing the corresponding wheat genes. The dough had outstanding elasticity. Breeding of wheat suitable for celiac patients is pursued.

2) Transgenic barleys expressing high levels of recombinant proteins in the storage protein bodies of the barley grain are tested in the greenhouse and field. Proteins successfully expressed are a thermotolerant (1,3-1,4)-ß-glucanase (providing the bases a high-energy barley chicken feed), human lactoferrin and lysozyme. A project to produce procollagen (gelatin) in the developing grain has been initiated.

Recombinant Wheat
Birds Lacking (1,3-1,4)-Beta-Glucanase

Selected Publications

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