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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences


Professor Emeritus, School of Biological Sciences. Ph.D. 1969, University of California, Riverside.

Gerald Edwards.


For more than 30 years, I have worked in photosynthesis, including the effects of environmental stress and potential global climate change with studies ranging from the cellular to the whole plant level. Research on the mechanism and evolution of carbon assimilation includes studies on C3, C4 and Crassulacean acid metabolism species. Research on C4 photosynthesis has been focused on diversity in structure, function and evolution. One project involves studies in the family Chenopodiaceae that includes collections of species from Central Asian Deserts adapted to high temperature, drought, and salinity with the goal to characterize the structural, functional, and evolutionary relationships among species and their adaptation to different environments.

Recently, studies on chenopods shows that C4 photosynthesis can occur in a single photosynthetic cell (i.e., without the Kranz anatomy that was previously thought to be required). Another project, with Dr. Okita, involves studies on source-sink relationships in carbon partitioning using Arabidopsis as a model system, and rice as an important crop.

The ultimate goal of this research, besides basic knowledge about photosynthesis, is directed toward enhancing productivity of crops. For example, the discovery of single cell C4 photosynthesis breaks the paradigm that it would be essential to engineer Kranz anatomy into C3 crop plants in order for them to perform more efficiently under stressful conditions.

Selected Publications

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