Dr. Helmut Kirchhoff


Associate Professor, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Ph.D. 1998, University of Munster, Germany

Helmut Kirchhoff.


Plants are integrated in a complex environment that fluctuate both randomly and periodically on very different time scales. Photosynthetic energy conversion must compensate for these changes to maintain energetic homeostasis for the cell. Failure to do this results either in reduced performance of energy transformation and consequently in a decrease in yield and fitness of plants or in severe damage by toxic photosynthetic side products that eventually lead to cell death. These potential problems are tackled by a battery of highly regulated optimization, protection, and repair mechanisms. Most of these mechanisms are realized in the photosynthetic thylakoid membranes that harbor the sophisticated, structured nanomachines responsible for biological energy conversion. Our research aims to understand the mechanisms that optimize, protect, and maintain the photosynthetic machinery on the molecular and supramolecular level. Accomplishment of these ambitious aims will lead to insights on how plants survive in an challenging environment and can help to find new strategies to solve our global food and energy problems.

Selected Publications

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