Dr. Kulvinder S. Gill

Kulvinder Gill


Professor, Ph.D. (Genetics) 1990, Kansas State.

Kulvinder Gill.


Wheat is the world’s most important food crop and WSU has perhaps the largest group in the nation working on understanding and manipulating the wheat genome. Goal of my program is to understand mechanism of agronomically important genes and manipulate these genes for crop improvement using genomics and informatics tools.

While studying distribution of genes on cereal chromosomes, we have learned that most wheat genes are present in gene-rich regions, which encompass only about 10% of the genome. These gene-rich regions are interspersed by large blocks of repeated DNA sequences. Although recombination only occurs in the gene-rich regions, recombination among various gene-rich regions may vary as much as 20 fold.

Currently we are trying to understand structural and functional organization of the gene-rich regions and the recombination hot spots. Secondly, chromosome pairing and homology search is a poorly understood process but it is important not only for basic understanding of biology but also for alien introgression in crops such as wheat where genes from wild relatives are routinely transferred into cultivated wheat. Manipulation of chromosome pairing control can make this process efficient and directed. Ph1 gene of wheat is the principal regulator of chromosome pairing and we are working on understanding its mode of action.

Selected Publications

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Suruchi Jindal, Kanwardeep Singh, Gaganpreet Kaur, Raman Dhariwal, Kulvinder S. Gill, Kuldeep Singh (2012) In silico prediction and analysis of maximum auxiliary branching (max2) gene in Triticum aestivum using comparative genomics. Crop Improvement 39:409.

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