Dr. Michael Neff, Chair

Michael Neff

Director, Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program
Professor of Crop Biotechnology, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Ph.D. 1995, Department of Botany, University of Washington. Dr. Neff’s Research
Michael Neff.


One project in my lab focuses on the role that a pair of Arabidopsis cytochrome P450 enzymes, BAS1/CYP72B1/CYP734A1 and SOB7/CYP72C1, have on the inactivation of a family of growth-promoting hormones, the brassinosteroids. We have shown that hormone inactivation plays a role in both light- and brassinosteroid-mediated development in plants. We have shown that BAS1 and SOB7 interact synergistically and redundantly to negatively regulate seedling hypocotyl and cotyledon expansion in response to light, as well as the size of adult plants and fruits. Our future focus will be on understanding the similarities and differences between the biochemistries of BAS1 and SOB7, exploring which pathways regulate these P450s and characterizing interactions with other brassinosteroid-inactivation pathways.

A second project in my lab focuses on the role that a Dof-class transcription factor, SOB1/OBP3, has on modulating seedling and adult plant stature in various tissues and light conditions. We have shown that SOB1 negatively regulates seedling hypocotyl and cotyledon expansion in response to light, acting through different photoreceptors in each tissue. SOB1 also represses the growth of adult plants. Our future focus will be to examine whether SOB1 is involved in hormone signaling, to address the possibility that related proteins are functional homologues of SOB1, and to identify which genes regulate and are regulated by this transcription factor.

A third project in my lab focuses on characterizing a pair of AT-hook-domain containing DNA-binding proteins, SOB3 and ESC, and the role that they have in modulating seedling responsiveness to light. We have shown that these two proteins act redundantly in light-mediated inhibition of hypocotyl elongation. We have also shown that the over-expression of SOB3 delays senescence and increases leaf biomass, stem thickness and flower size. Our future focus will be to uncover the mechanisms by which these and other AT-hook-domain containing proteins regulate plant development.

A fourth project in my lab focuses on characterizing a small family of plant-specific proteins related to SOB5 and the role that they have in modulating levels of the plant hormones, cytokinins. The SOB5-like (SOFL) family of proteins has not been previously characterized and has no homology to proteins or domains of known function. We have shown that the overexpression of SOB5, SOFL1 and SOFL2 confers an increase in the levels of specific cytokinins while delaying leaf senescence. Our future focus will be to uncover the biochemical action of this family of proteins and how they link cytokinin- and light-mediated plant development.

Selected Publications

(Senior/Corresponding Author indicated by an “*”)

Zhao J, Favero D, Peng H and Neff MM* (in press for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA) The Arabidopsis thaliana AHL family modulates hypocotyl growth redundantly by interacting with each other via the PPC/DUF296 domain

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