Dr. Kimberly Garland-Campbell

Kimberly Garland-Campbell

Phone 509-335-0582
USDA, Adjunct Faculty, Crop and Soil Sciences

 Kim Garland-Campbell.


B.S.  Agronomy, Foreign Service Concentration.  Colorado State Univ., May 1979.
M.A. Theology, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  May 1985.
M.S. Crop Science, North Carolina State Univ., Dec 1988.  Thesis Title:  Aluminum tolerance in soybean.  Thesis Advisor:  Dr. T.E. Carter Jr.
Ph.D.  Crop Science, North Carolina State Univ., Dec. 1991.  Dissertation Title:  Designer chromosomes and doubled haploids: Breeding for disease resistance in tobacco.  Dissertation Advisor:  Dr. E.A. Wernsman.



Genetics and breeding of wheat responses to abiotic and biotic stress.  Breeding wheat for winter survival:  characterizations of genes associated with frost tolerance.  Enhance quality, functionality and marketability in the western US of soft white and club wheat.  Control of rusts of cereal crops.

The goal is to reduce risks associated with wheat production by improving winter survival, disease resistance, grain yield and crop quality.  We focus on resistance to stripe rust, pathogenic nematodes, and the soil-borne diseases eyespot, Cephalosporium stripe, and Fusarium crown rot.  Recent cultivar releases include Cara, ARS-Chrystal and ARS-Crescent soft white club wheats, and ARS-Amber and ARS-Selbu, soft white winter wheats.


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Other Significant:

Poole, G.J., Smiley, R.W, Paulitz, T.C, Walker, C.A, Carter, A.H, See, D.R., Garland-Campbell, K.A, 2012. Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for resistance to Fusarium crown rot (Fusarium pseudograminearum) in multiple assay environments in the Pacific Northwestern US. Theor Appl Genet.  125:91-107

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