Student Life

Navigating the transition into a Ph.D. program can be challenging, but rest assured, our program is built on a foundation of support and inclusivity. We take pride in fostering a community that celebrates diversity and promotes open dialogue.

Step into an environment where like-minded peers await, ready to collaborate and share in your journey. Whether you are delving into thought-provoking seminars or participating in social events, our program is designed to provide a harmonious blend of academic rigor and social engagement. Join us in striking the perfect balance between scholarly pursuits and building meaningful connections with your fellow researchers.

Social Events

The MPS Graduate Student Organization, dedicated to representing the interests of the student body, orchestrates a biweekly coffee hour where they provide complimentary donuts, coffee, and tea to MPS graduate students. Additionally, the organization spearheads outreach initiatives with local schools, aiming to impart knowledge and inspire the upcoming generation of scientists.

The MPS Administration hosts monthly social events, creating a fantastic opportunity for students and faculty to invite their friends and family. This is a chance to mingle in a more relaxed setting, encouraging connections and engagement in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Pullman at Large

For more information about activities to attend in Pullman, please visit Life at WSU. You can also reach out to one of the four MPS Graduate Student Organization officers who will be happy to answer any questions. Contact information is below.

Social Media

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