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Washington State University Molecular Plant Sciences

Published Research by MPS Faculty and MPS Graduate Students

(Published articles are linked to abstracts only unless noted otherwise noted)

Specialized lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases contribute to unusual fatty acid accumulation in exotic Euphorbiaceae seed oils
Jay Shockey, Ida Lager, Sten Stymne, Hari Kiran Kotapati, Jennifer Sheffield, Catherine Mason, Philip D Bates
SPRINGER BERLIN HEIDELBERG, DOI: 10.1007/s00425-018-03086-y

Front Cover: Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Low Linolenic Acid Transgenic Soybean Reveals Perturbations of Fatty Acid Metabolic Pathways
Nazrul Islam, Philip D Bates, KM Maria John, Hari B Krishnan, Zhanyuan J. Zhang, Devanand L Luthria, Savithiry S Natarajan
PROTEOMICS, DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201800379


Photocatalysis in nanomaterial-redox enzyme hybrid complexes
Brown, K; Ruzicka, J; Harris, D; Kallas, H; Peters, J; Seefeldt, L; Dukovic, G; King, P

Considering weed management as a social dilemma bridges individual and collective interests
Bagavathiannan, MV; Graham, S; Ma, Z; Barney, JN; Coutts, SR; Caicedo, AL; De Clerck-Floate, R; West, NM; Blank, L; Metcalf, AL; Lacoste, M; Moreno, CR; Evans, JA; Burke, I; Beckie, H
NATURE PLANTS,DOI: 10.1038/s41477-019-0395-y

Durum wheat genome highlights past domestication signatures and future improvement targets
Maccaferri, M; Harris, NS; Twardziok, SO; Pasam, RK; Gundlach, H; Spannagl, M; Ormanbekova, D; Lux, T; Prade, VM; Milner, SG; Himmelbach, A; Mascher, M; Bagnaresi, P; Faccioli, P; Cozzi, P; Lauria, M; Lazzari, B; Stella, A; Manconi, A; Gnocchi, M; Moscatelli, M; Avni, R; Deek, J; Biyiklioglu, S; Frascaroli, E; Corneti, S; Salvi, S; Sonnante, G; Desiderio, F; Mare, C; Crosatti, C; Mica, E; Ozkan, H; Kilian, B; De Vita, P; Marone, D; Joukhadar, R; Mazzucotelli, E; Nigro, D; Gadaleta, A; Chao, SM; Faris, JD; Melo, ATO; Pumphrey, M; Pecchioni, N; Milanesi, L; Wiebe, K; Ens, J; MacLachlan, RP; Clarke, JM; Sharpe, AG; Koh, CS; Liang, KYH; Taylor, GJ; Knox, R; Budak, H; Mastrangelo, AM; Xu, SS; Stein, N; Hale, I; Distelfeld, A; Hayden, MJ; Tuberosa, R; Walkowiak, S; Mayer, KFX; Ceriotti, A; Pozniak, CJ; Cattivelli, L
NATURE GENETICS, DOI: 10.1038/s41588-019-0381-3

Wheat variety-specific recruitment of bacterial communities towards Rhizoctonia solani AG8 suppression
Dilla-Ermita, CJ; Lewis, R; Sullivan, T; Hulbert, SH

A new era for electron bifurcation
Peters, JW; Beratan, DN; Bothner, B; Dyer, RB; Harwood, CS; Heiden, ZM; Hille, R; Jones, AK; King, PW; Lu, Y; Lubner, CE; Minteer, SD; Mulder, DW; Raugei, S; Schut, GJ; Seefeldt, LC; Tokmina-Lukaszewska, M; Zadvornyy, OA; Zhang, P; Adams, MWW  CURRENT OPINION IN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, DOI: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2018.07.026

Phragmoplast microtubule dynamics–a game of zonesSmertenko, A., Hewitt, S. L., Jacques, C. N., Kacprzyk, R., Liu, Y., Marcec, M. J., … & Serrano-Romero, E. A. (2018). J Cell Sci131(2), jcs203331.

Evaluation of multiple approaches to identify genome-wide polymorphisms in closely related genotypes of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.). Hewitt, S., Kilian, B., Hari, R., Koepke, T., Sharpe, R., & Dhingra, A. (2017). Computational and structural biotechnology journal, 15, 290-298

Analysis of the effect of three biologically distinct strains of Potato virus Y at the potato transcriptome level. Moyo, L., S.V. Ramesh, M. Kappagantu, S. Sathuvalli, N. Mitter, and H.R. Pappu (2017) Virology Journal 14:129. DOI 10.1186/s12985-017-0803-8

Identification and validation of QTL for grain yield and plant water status under contrasting water treatments in fall-sown spring wheats  Authors: Zhang, Junli; Gizaw, Shiferaw Abate; Bossolini, Eligio; Hegarty, Joshua; Howell, Tyson; Carter, Arron H.; Akhunov, Eduard; Dubcovsky, Jorge  Source: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 131 (8):1741-1759; AUG 2018

Title: Coercion in the Evolution of Plant-Microbe Communication: A Perspective Authors: Rowe, S. L.; Norman, J. S.; Friesen, M. L.

Title: Impact of Agronomic and Storage Practices on Acrylamide in Processed Potatoes
Authors: Rosen, Carl; Sun, Na; Olsen, Nora; Thornton, Michael; Pavek, Mark; Knowles, Lisa; Knowles, N. Richard

Title: Occurrence of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Infecting Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) in India.
Authors: Senthilraja, C.; Renukadevi, P.; Malathi, V. G.; Nakkeeran, S.; Pappu, H. R.
Source: PLANT DISEASE, 102 (8):1676-1676;AUG 2018

Title: DNA Damage and Chromatin Conformation Changes Confer Nonhost Resistance: A Hypothesis Based on Effects of Anti-cancer Agents on Plant Defense Responses  Authors: Hadwiger, Lee A.; Tanaka, Kiwamu  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, JUL 24 2018

Title: An integrated workflow for phenazine-modifying enzyme characterization
Authors:Coates, R. Cameron; Bowen, Benjamin P.; Oberortner, Ernst; Thomashow, Linda;Hadjithomas, Michalis; Zhao, Zhiying; Ke, Jing; Silva, Leslie; Louie, Katherine; Wang, Gaoyan; Robinson, David; Tarver, Angela; Hamilton, Matthew; Lubbe, Andrea; Feltcher, Meghan; Dangl, Jeffery L.; Pati, Amrita; Weller, David; Northen, Trent R.; Cheng, Jan-Fang; Mouncey, Nigel J.; Deutsch, Samuel; Yoshikuni, Yasuo

Title: Location, Root Proximity, and Glyphosate-Use History Modulate the Effects of Glyphosate on Fungal Community Networks of Wheat
Authors: Schlatter, Daniel C.; Yin, Chuntao; Burke, Ian; Hulbert, Scot; Paulitz, Timothy
Source: MICROBIAL ECOLOGY, 76 (1):240-257; SI JUL 2018

Title: Evaluation of the Potential for Genomic Selection to Improve Spring Wheat Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in the Pacific Northwest
Authors: Dong, Haixiao; Wang, Rui; Yuan, Yaping; Anderson, James; Pumphrey, Michael; Zhang, Zhiwu; Chen, Jianli

Title: Assessing Flux Distribution Associated with Metabolic Specialization of Glandular Trichomes
Authors: Zager, Jordan J.; Lange, B. Markus  Source: TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 23 (7):638-647;JUL 2018

Title: Production of methoxylated flavonoids in yeast using ring A hydroxylases and flavonoid O-methyltransferases from sweet basil
Authors: Berim, Anna;Gang, David R.  Source: APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 102 (13):5585-5598; JUL 2018

Title: Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent AtSR1/CAMTA3 Plays Critical Roles in Balancing Plant Growth and Immunity
Authors: Yuan, Peiguo;Du, Liqun; Poovaiah, B. W.

Title: Analyses of organic residue from a conical pipe from the Niles-Wolford Mound (33Pi3), Pickaway County, Ohio
Authors:Marley, Meghan B.; Brownstein, Korey J.; Lepper, Bradley T.; Tushingham, Shannon; Leone, Karen L.; Rafferty, Sean M.; Gang, David R.; Pansing, Linda L.; Pickard, William H.; Six, Juli

Title: Structure of an Ancient Respiratory System
Authors: Yu, Hongjun; Wu, Chang-Hao; Schut, Gerrit J.; Haja, Dominik K.; Zhao, Gongpu; Peters, John W.; Adams, Michael W. W.; Li, Huilin
Source: CELL, 173 (7):1636-+; JUN 14 2018

Title: Biological Control of Botrytis cinerea: Interactions with Native Vineyard Yeasts from Washington State
Authors: Wang, Xuefei; Glawe, Dean A.; Kramer, Elizabeth; Weller, David; Okubara, Patricia A.
Source: PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 108 (6):691-701; JUN 2018

Title: Genetic Diversity of Clinal Freezing Tolerance Variation in Winter Wheat Landraces
Authors: Kandel, Jinita Sthapit; Huang, Meng; Zhang, Zhiwu; Skinner, Daniel Z.; See, Deven RSource: AGRONOMY-BASEL, 8 (6):JUN 2018

Title: Structural characterization of the P1+ intermediate state of the P-cluster of nitrogenase
Authors: Keable, Stephen M.; Zadvornyy, Oleg A.; Johnson, Lewis E.; Ginovska, Bojana; Rasmussen, Andrew J.; Danyal, Karamatullah; Eilers, Brian J.; Prussia, Gregory A.; LeVan, Axl X.; Raugei, Simone; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Peters, John W.
Source: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 293 (25):9629-9635;JUN 22 2018

Title: Characterization of a non-nudix pyrophosphatase points to interplay between flavin and NAD(H) homeostasis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae  Authors: Lynch, Joseph H.; Sa, Na; Saeheng, Sompop; Raffaelli, Nadia; Roje, Sanja  Source: PLOS ONE, 13 (6):JUN 14 2018

Title: Development Defects of Hydroxy-Fatty Acid-Accumulating Seeds Are Reduced by Castor Acyltransferases
Authors: Lunn, Daniel;Smith, Gracen A.; Wallis, James G.; Browse, John  Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 177 (2):553-564; JUN 2018

Title: Morphology of glandular trichomes of Japanese catnip (Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briquet) and developmental dynamics of their secretory activity  Authors: Liu, Chanchan; Srividya, Narayanan; Parrish, Amber N.; Yue, Wei; Shan, Mingqiu; Wu, Qinan; Lange, B. Markus
Source: PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 150 23-30; JUN 2018

Title: Quantitative Phosphoproteomic and Metabolomic Analyses Reveal GmMYB173 Optimizes Flavonoid Metabolism in Soybean under Salt Stress  Authors: Pi, Erxu; Zhu, Chengmin; Fan, Wei; Huang, Yingying; Qu, Liqun; Li, Yangyang; Zhao, Qinyi; Ding, Feng; Qiu, Lijuan; Wang, Huizhong; Poovaiah, B. W.; Du, Liqun  Source: MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS, 17 (6):1209-12  24;JUN 2018

Title: iPat: intelligent prediction and association tool for genomic research  Authors: Chen, Chunpeng James; Zhang, Zhiwu
Source: BIOINFORMATICS, 34 (11):1925-1927;JUN 1 2018

TITLE: Ortervirales: New Virus Order Unifying Five Families of Reverse-Transcribing Viruses
AUTHORS: Krupovic, Mart; Blomberg, Jonas; Coffin, John M.; Dasgupta, Indranil; Fan, Hung; Geering, Andrew D.; Gifford, Robert; Harrach, Balazs; Hull, Roger; Johnson, Welkin; Kreuze, Jan F.; Lindemann, Dirk; Llorens, Carlos; Lockhart, Ben; Mayer, Jens; Muller, Emmanuelle; Olszewski, Neil E.; Pappu, Hanu R.; Pooggin, Mikhail M.; Richert-Poeggeler, Katja R.; Sabanadzovic, Sead; Sanfacon, Helene; Schoelz, James E.; Seal, Susan; Stavolone, Livia; Stoye, Jonathan P.; Teycheney, Pierre-Yves; Tristem, Michael; Koonin, Eugene V.; Kuhn, Jens H.

Title: Aneuploidization under segmental allotetraploidy in rice and its phenotypic manifestation
Authors: Wu, Ying; Sun, Yue; Sun, Shuai; Li, Guo; Wang, Jie; Wang, Bin; Lin, Xiuyun; Huang, Meng; Gong, Zhiyun; Sanguinet, Karen A.; Zhang, Zhiwu; Liu, Bao  Source: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 131 (6):1273-1285;JUN 2018

Title: Spatiotemporal distribution of Ascochyta pinodes and Ascochyta pinodella during the winter growing season in France
Authors: Le May, C.; Chilvers, M. I.; Saucereau, A. L.; Guibert, M.; Peever, T. L.  Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 67 (5):1031-1045;JUN 2018

Title: Epidermal expression of a sterol biosynthesis gene regulates root growth by a non-cell-autonomous mechanism in Arabidopsis
Authors: Short, Eleri; Leighton, Margaret; Imriz, Gul; Liu, Dongbin; Cope-Selby, Naomi; Hetherington, Flora; Smertenko, Andrei; Hussey, Patrick J.; Topping, Jennifer F.; Lindsey, Keith
Source: DEVELOPMENT, 145 (10):MAY 2018

Title: “Phenotypic Plasticity in a Population of Odonates.”   Bowman, Randi M., Sharol Schmidt, Chelsea Weeks, Hunter Clark, Christopher Brown, Leigh C. Latta, and Michael Edgehouse.  Scientific Reports 8, no. 1 (May 31, 2018): 8442.

Title: Calcium Signaling in Plant Autoimmunity: A Guard Model for AtSR1/CAMTA3-Mediated Immune Response
Authors: Yuan, Peiguo; Tanaka, Kiwamu; Du, Liqun; Poovaiah, B. W.  Source: MOLECULAR PLANT, 11 (5):637-639;MAY 7 2018

Title: A genome-wide analysis of the flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) dirigent protein family: from gene identification and evolution to differential regulation  Authors: Corbin, Cyrielle; Drouet, Samantha; Markulin, Lucija; Auguin, Daniel; Laine, Eric; Davin, Laurence B.; Cort, John R.; Lewis, Norman G.; Hano, ChristopheSource: PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 97 (1-2):73-101; MAY 2018

Title: Assessing consumers’ preferences and willingness to pay for novel sliced packed fresh pears: A latent class approach
Authors: Ikiz, Dila; Gallardo, R. Karina; Dhingra, Amit; Hewitt, Seanna  Source: AGRIBUSINESS, 34 (2):321-337;SPR 2018

Title: Image-based automated potato tuber shape evaluation  Authors: Si, Yongsheng; Sankaran, Sindhuja; Knowles, N. Richard; Pavek, Mark J.  Source: JOURNAL OF FOOD MEASUREMENT AND CHARACTERIZATION, 12 (2):702-709;JUN 2018

Title: Reduced Arogenate Dehydratase Expression: Ramifications for Photosynthesis and Metabolism
Authors: Hohner, Ricarda; Marques, Joaquim V.; Ito, Tetsuro; Amakura, Yoshiaki; Budgeon, Alan D., Jr.; Weitz, Karl; Hixson, Kim K.; Davin, Laurence B.; Kirchhoff, Helmut; Lewis, Norman GSource: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 177 (1):115-131;MAY 2018

Title: Increased experimental conditions and marker densities identified more genetic loci associated with southern and northern leaf blight resistance in maize  Authors: Li, Yong-xiang; Chen, Lin; Li, Chunhui; Bradbury, Peter J.; Shi, Yun-su; Song, Yanchun; Zhang, Dengfeng; Zhang, Zhiwu; Buckler, Edward S.; Li, Yu; Wang, Tianyu  Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 MAY 1 2018

Title: Electron Transfer to Nitrogenase in Different Genomic and Metabolic Backgrounds
Authors: Poudel, Saroj; Colman, Daniel R.; Fixen, Kathryn R.; Ledbetter, Rhesa N.; Zheng, Yanning; Pence, Natasha; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Peters, John W.; Harwood, Caroline S.; Boyd, Eric S.  Source: JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 200 (10):MAY 2018

Title: Dental calculus as a source of ancient alkaloids: Detection of nicotine by LC-MS in calculus samples from the Americas
Authors: Eerkens, Jelmer W.; Tushingham, Shannon; Brownstein, Korey J.; Garibay, Ramona; Perez, Katherine; Murga, Engel; Kaijankoski, Phil; Rosenthal, Jeffrey S.; Gang, David R.  Source: JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE-REPORTS, 18 509-515;APR 2018

Title: On the nature of organic and inorganic centers that bifurcate electrons, coupling exergonic and endergonic oxidation-reduction reactions  Authors: Peters, John W.; Beratan, David N.; Schut, Gerrit J.; Adams, Michael W. W.  Source: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 54 (33):4091-4099; APR 21 2018

Title: Coenzyme M biosynthesis in bacteria involves phosphate elimination by a functionally distinct member of the aspartase/fumarase superfamily  Authors: Partovi, Sarah E.; Mus, Florence; Gutknecht, Andrew E.; Martinez, Hunter A.; Tripet, Brian P.; Lange, Bernd Markus; DuBois, Jennifer L.; Peters, John W.  Source: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 293 (14):5236-5246;APR 6 2018

Title: Exploring the alternatives of biological nitrogen fixation  Authors: Mus, Florence; Alleman, Alexander B.; Pence, Natasha; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Peters, John W.  Source: METALLOMICS, 10 (4):523-538;APR 1 2018

Title: Thylakoid Membrane Dynamics in Higher Plants  Authors: Koochak, Haniyeh; Li, Meng; Kirchhoff, Helmut

Title: Spatial distribution of root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.) in a long-term no-till cropping system and their relationship with soil and landscape properties  Authors: Kandel, Shyam L.; Smiley, Richard W.; Garland-Campbell, Kimberly; Elling, Axel A.; Huggins, David; Paulitz, Timothy C.  Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY, 150 (4):1011-1021; APR 2018

Title:The root-knot nematode effector MiPFN3 disrupts plant actin filaments and promotes parasitism  Authors:Leelarasamee, Natthanon; Zhang, Lei; Gleason, Cynthia  Source: PLOS PATHOGENS, 14 (3):MAR 2018

Title: Structural characterization of the nitrogenase molybdenum-iron protein with the substrate acetylene trapped near the active site
Authors: Keable, Stephen M.; Vertemara, Jacopo; Zadvornyy, Oleg A.; Eilers, Brian J.; Danyal, Karamatullah; Rasmussen, Andrew J.; De Gioia, Luca; Zampella, Giuseppe; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Peters, John W.  Source: JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 180 129-134; MAR 2018

Title: Genetic Dissection of End-Use Quality Traitsin Adapted Soft White Winter Wheat
Authors: Jernigan, Kendra L.; Godoy, Jayfred V.; Huang, Meng; Zhou, Yao; Morris, Craig F.; Garland-Campbell, Kimberly A.; Zhang, Zhiwu; Carter, Arron H.  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 9 MAR 9 2018

Title: Transcriptome-based analyses of phosphite-mediated suppression of rust pathogens Puccinia emaculata and Phakopsora pachyrhizi and functional characterization of selected fungal target genes  Authors: Gill, Upinder S.; Sun, Liang; Rustgi, Sachin; Tang, Yuhong; von Wettstein, Diter; Mysore, Kirankumar S.  Source: PLANT JOURNAL, 93 (5):894-904; MAR 2018

Title: Calcium signaling: decoding mechanism of calcium signatures
Authors: Poovaiah, B. W.; Du, Liqun  Source: NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 217 (4):1394-1396; MAR 2018

Title: Genome-wide associations for multiple pest resistances in a Northwestern United States elite spring wheat panel
Authors: Ando, Kaori; Rynearson, Sheri; Muleta, Kebede T.; Gedamu, Jhonatan; Girma, Bedada; Bosque-Perez, Nilsa A.; Chen, Ming-Shun; Pumphrey, Mike O.  Source: PLOS ONE, 13 (2): FEB 7 2018

Title: Genetic diversity of the myrtle rust pathogen (Austropuccinia psidii) in the Americas and Hawaii: Global implications for invasive threat assessments  Authors: Stewart, J. E.; Ross-Davis, A. L.; Graca, R. N.; Alfenas, A. C.; Peever, T. L.; Hanna, J. W.; Uchida, J. Y.; Hauff, R. D.; Kadooka, C. Y.; Kim, M. -S.; Cannon, P. G.; Namba, S.; Simeto, S.; Perez, C. A.; Rayamajhi, M. B.; Lodge, D. J.; Arguedas, M.; Medel-Ortiz, R.; Lopez-Ramirez, M. A.; Tennant, P.; Glen, M.; Machado, P. S.; McTaggart, A. R.; Carnegie, A. J.; Klopfenstein, N. B.
Source: FOREST PATHOLOGY, 48 (1) FEB 2018

Title: Genome-Wide Association Mapping for Tolerance to Preharvest Sprouting and Low Falling Numbers in Wheat
Authors: Martinez, Shantel A.; Godoy, Jayfred; Huang, Meng; Zhang, Zhiwu; Carter, Arron H.; Campbell, Kimberly A. Garland; Steber, Camille M.  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 9 FEB 14 2018

Title: Analysis of Extreme Phenotype Bulk Copy Number Variation (XP-CNV) Identified the Association of rp1 with Resistance to Goss’s Wilt of Maize  Authors: Hu, Ying; Ren, Jie; Peng, Zhao; Umana, Arnoldo A.; Le, Ha; Danilova, Tatiana; Fu, Junjie; Wang, Haiyan; Robertson, Alison; Hulbert, Scot H.; White, Frank F.; Liu, Sanzhen  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 9 FEB 9 2018

Title: Contrasting species boundaries between sections Alternaria and Porri of the genus Alternaria
Authors: Ozkilinc, H.; Rotondo, F.; Pryor, B. M.; Peever, T. L.  Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 67 (2):303-314; FEB 2018

Title: Reveille Russet: An Early, Widely Adapted, High-Count-Carton Russet for the Fresh Market  Authors: Miller, J. C., Jr.; Scheuring, D. C.; Koym, J. W.; Holm, D. G.; Pavek, J. J.; Novy, R. G.; Whitworth, J. L.; Stark, J. C.; Charlton, B. A.; Yilma, S.; Knowles, N. R.; Pavek, M. J.; Nunez, J. J.; Wilson, R.; Brown, C. R.; Shock, C. C.; Long, C. M.  Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, 95 (1):79-86; FEB 2018

Title: Timing of susceptibility of highbush blueberry cultivars in northwestern Washington to Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi, the cause of mummy berry  Authors: Harteveld, D. O. C.; Peever, T. L.  Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 67 (2):477-487; FEB 2018

Title: Isolation of Mutations Conferring Increased Glyphosate Resistance in Spring Wheat
Authors: Aramrak, Attawan; Lawrence, Nevin C.; Demacon, Victor L.; Carter, Arron H.; Kidwell, Kimberlee K.; Burke, Ian C.; Steber, Camille M.  Source: CROP SCIENCE, 58 (1):84-97; JAN-FEB 2018

Title: Heat Stress during Flowering Affects Time of Day of Flowering, Seed Set, and Grain Quality in Spring Wheat
Authors: Sun Aiqing; Somayanda, Impa; Sebastian, Sunoj Valiaparambil; Singh, Kanwardeep; Gill, Kulvinder; Prasad, P. V. V.; Jagadish, S. V. Krishna  Source: CROP SCIENCE, 58 (1):380-392; JAN-FEB 2018

Title: Phragmoplast microtubule dynamics – a game of zones
Authors: Smertenko, Andrei; Hewitt, Seanna L.; Jacques, Caitlin N.; Kacprzyk, Rafal; Liu, Yan; Marcec, Matthew J.; Moyo, Lindani; Ogden, Aaron; Oung, Hui Min; Schmidt, Sharol; Serrano-Romero, Erika A.
Source: JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, 131 (2):SI JAN 2018

Title: Molecular diversity and allergenic profiles of Alternaria spp. from desert environments in Arizona
Authors: Rotondo, Francesca; Hong, Soon Gyu; Peever, Tobin; Pryor, Barry M.
Source: FUNGAL BIOLOGY, 122 (1):74-85; JAN 2018

Title: Overexpression of Seipin1 Increases Oil in Hydroxy Fatty Acid-Accumulating Seeds
Authors: Lunn, Daniel; Wallis, James G.; Browse, John  Source: PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, 59 (1):205-214; JAN 2018

Title: Structure-function relationships in photosynthetic membranes: Challenges and emerging fields
Authors: Kirchhoff, Helmut  Source: PLANT SCIENCE, 266 76-82; JAN 2018

Title: Evolution of Rubisco activase gene in plants
Authors: Nagarajan, Ragupathi; Gill, Kulvinder S.  Source: PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 96 (1-2):69-87 JAN 2018

Title: A Genome-Wide Association Study of Field and Seedling Response to Individual Stem Rust Pathogen Races Reveals Combinations of Race-Specific Genesin North American Spring Wheat
Authors: Edae, Erena A.; Pumphrey, Michael O.; Rouse, Matthew N.

Title: Defense Enzyme Responses in Dormant Wild Oat and Wheat Caryopses Challenged with a Seed Decay Pathogen  Authors: Fuerst, E. Patrick; James, Matthew S.; Pollard, Anne T.; Okubara, Patricia A.  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 8 JAN 23 2018

Title: Extracellular ATP Acts on Jasmonate Signaling to Reinforce Plant Defense
Authors: Tripathi, Diwaker; Zhang, Tong; Koo, Abraham J.; Stacey, Gary; Tanaka, Kiwamu
Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 176 (1):511-523; JAN 2018

Title: Autophosphorylation of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CCaMK) at S343 or S344 generates an intramolecular interaction blocking the CaM-binding  Authors: Jauregui, Edgard; Du, Liqun; Gleason, Cynthia; Poovaiah, B. W.
Source: PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR, 12 (7):2017

Title: Doubled Haploid Transgenic Wheat Lines by Microspore Transformation
Authors: Rustgi, Sachin; Ankrah, Nii O.; Brew-Appiah, Rhoda A. T.;Sun, Yue; Liu, Weiguo; von Wettstein, Diter

Title: A (-)-kolavenyl diphosphate synthase catalyzes the first step of salvinorin A biosynthesis in Salvia Divinorum. Authors:  Xiaoyue Chen, Anna Berim, Franck E. Dayan and David R. Gang. 2017.   J. Exp. Bot. 68(5):1109-1122. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erw493.

Title: Evaluation of multiple approaches to identify genome-wide polymorphisms in closely related genotypes of sweet cherry (&ITPrunus avium&IT L.)  Authors: Hewitt, Seanna; Kilian, Benjamin; Hari, Ramyya; Koepke, Tyson; Sharpe, Richard; Dhingra, Amit

Title: High-Resolution Aerial Imaging Based Estimation of Crop Emergence in Potatoes
Authors: Sankaran, Sindhuja; Quiros, Juan Jose; Knowles, N. Richard; Knowles, Lisa O.

Title: Can Peroxisomes Inform Cellular Response to Drought?
Authors: Smertenko, Andrei  Source: TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 22 (12):1005-1007; DEC 2017

Title: Extension modules for storage, visualization and querying of genomic, genetic and breeding data in Tripal databases
Authors: Jung, Sook; Lee, Taein; Cheng, Chun-Huai; Ficklin, Stephen; Yu, Jing; Humann, Jodi; Main, Dorrie

Title: Conservation and divergence of Starch Synthase III genes of monocots and dicots
Authors: Mishra, Bhavya Priyadarshini; Kumar, Rajeev; Mohan, Amita; Gill, Kulvinder S.
Source: PLOS ONE, 12 (12): DEC 14 2017

Title: Biology in the Dry Seed: Transcriptome Changes Associated with Dry Seed Dormancy and Dormancy Loss in the Arabidopsis GA-Insensitive sleepy1-2 Mutant  Authors: Nelson, Sven K.; Ariizumi, Tohru; Steber, Camille M.

Title: Electron Bifurcation Makes the Puzzle Pieces Fall Energetically into Place in Methanogenic Energy Conservation
Authors: Lubner, Carolyn E.; Peters, John W.  Source: CHEMBIOCHEM, 18 (23):2295-2297;  DEC 5 2017

Title: Multifunctional RNA Binding Protein OsTudor-SN in Storage Protein mRNA Transport and Localization
Authors: Chou, Hong-Li; Tian, Li; Kumamaru, Toshihiro; Hamada, Shigeki; Okita, Thomas W.
Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 175 (4):1608-1623; DEC 2017

Title: Plant Cytokinesis: Terminology for Structures and Processes
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Title: Comparative ultrastructure of fruit plastids in three genetically diverse genotypes of apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) during development  Authors: Schaeffer, Scott M.; Christian, Ryan; Castro-Velasquez, Nohely; Hyden, Brennan; Lynch-Holm, Valerie; Dhingra, Amit
Source: PLANT CELL REPORTS, 36 (10):1627-1640; OCT 2017

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Source: FOOD MICROBIOLOGY, 67 11-16; OCT 2017

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Authors: Norman, Jeffrey S.; King, Gary M.; Friesen, Maren L.

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Authors: Sharma-Poudyal, Dipak; Schlatter, Daniel; Yin, Chuntao; Hulbert, Scot; Paulitz, Timothy
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Title: Genome-wide association study Identified multiple Genetic Loci on Chilling Resistance During Germination in Maize
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Title:  Discovering Condition – Specific Gene Co-Expression Patterns Using Gaussian Mixture Models:  A Cancer Case Study  Authors:  Ficklin, Stephen; Dunwoodie, Leland; Poehlman, William; Watson, Christopher; Roche, Kimberly; Feltus, F. Alex.  SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, Article number 8617; AUG 2017

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Title:  The effects of potato virus Y-derived virus small interfering RNAs of three biologically distinct strains on potato (Solanum tuberosum) transcriptome
Authors:  Lindani Moyo, Shunmugiah V. Ramesh, Madhu Kappagantu, Neena Mitter, Vidyasagar Sathuvalli, Hanu R. Pappu.
Source:  Virology Journal (2017) 14:129 DOI:  10.1186/s12985-017-0803-8

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Authors: Zuniga, Carlos Espinoza; Jarolmasjed, Sanaz; Sinha, Rajeev; Zhang, Chongyuan; Kalcsits, Lee; Dhingra, Amit; Sankaran, Sindhuja

Title: Production of the antibiotic secondary metabolite solanapyrone A by the fungal plant pathogen Ascochyta rabiei during fruiting body formation in saprobic growth
Authors: Kim, Wonyong; Park, Jeong-Jin; Dugan, Frank M.; Peever, Tobin L.; Gang, David R.; Vandemark, George; Chen, Weidong
Source: ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 19 (5):1822-1835; SI MAY 2017

Title: National Academies report has broad support  Authors: Vincelli, Paul; Jackson-Smith, Douglas; Holsapple, Michael; Grusak, Michael A.; Harsh, Matthew; Klein, Theodore; Lambert, James; Lange, B. Markus; Lodge, David M.; McCluskey, Jill; Murphy, Angus; Neuhouser, Marian L.; Pray, Carl; Weller, Susan
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Title: Non-host Resistance: DNA Damage Is Associated with SA Signaling for Induction of PR Genes and Contributes to the Growth Suppression of a Pea Pathogen on Pea Endocarp Tissue
Authors: Hadwiger, Lee A.; Tanaka, Kiwamu

Title: An In vitro Study of Bio-Control and Plant Growth Promotion Potential of Salicaceae Endophytes
Authors: Kandel, Shyam L.; Firrincieli, Andrea; Joubert, Pierre M.; Okubara, Patricia A.; Leston, Natalie D.; McGeorge, Kendra M.; Mugnozza, Giuseppe S.; Harfouche, Antoine; Kim, Soo-Hyung; Doty, Sharon L.

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Title: Brassinosteroid signaling converges with SUPPRESSOR OF PHYTOCHROME B4-#3 to influence the expression of SMALL AUXIN UP RNA genes and hypocotyl growth
Authors: Favero, David S.; Le, Kimberly Ngan; Neff, Michael M.
Source: PLANT JOURNAL, 89 (6):1133-1145; MAR 2017

Title: The non-host pathogen Puccinia triticina elicits an active transcriptional response in rice
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Title: TCF21 is related to testis growth and development in broiler chickens
Authors: Zhang, Hui; Na, Wei; Zhang, Hong-Li; Wang, Ning; Du, Zhi-Qiang; Wang, Shou-Zhi; Wang, Zhi-Peng; Zhang, Zhiwu; Li, Hui

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Title: Community Structure, Species Variation, and Potential Functions of Rhizosphere-Associated Bacteria of Different Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Cultivars
Authors: Mahoney, Aaron K.; Yin, Chuntao; Hulbert, Scot H.

Title: Impact of salt stress, cell death, and autophagy on peroxisomes: quantitative and morphological analyses using small fluorescent probe N-BODIPY
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Title: Integrative Approaches for the Identification and Localization of Specialized Metabolites in Tripterygium Roots
Authors: Lange, B. Markus; Fischedick, Justin T.; Lange, Malte F.; Srividya, Narayanan; Samec, Dunja; Poirier, Brenton C.
Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 173 (1):456-469; JAN 2017

Title: Extracellular Alkalinization as a Defense Response in Potato Cells
Authors: Moroz, Natalia; Fritch, Karen R.; Marcec, Matthew J.; Tripathi, Diwaker; Smertenko, Andrei; Tanaka, Kiwamu

Title: Defects in the Expression of Chloroplast Proteins Leads to H2O2 Accumulation and Activation of Cyclic Electron Flow around Photosystem I
Authors: Strand, Deserah D.; Livingston, Aaron K.; Satoh-Cruz, Mio; Koepke, Tyson; Enlow, Heather M.; Fisher, Nicholas; Froehlich, John E.; Cruz, Jeffrey A.; Minhas, Deepika; Hixson, Kim K.; Kohzuma, Kaori; Lipton, Mary; Dhingra, Amit; Kramer, David M.  Source: FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 7 JAN 13 2017 ***

Title: Effectors from Wheat Rust Fungi Suppress Multiple Plant Defense Responses
Authors: Ramachandran, Sowmya R.; Yin, Chuntao; Kud, Joanna; Tanaka, Kiwamu; Mahoney, Aaron K.; Xiao, Fangming; Hulbert, Scot H.
Source: PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 107 (1):75-83; JAN 2017

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Authors: Brownstein, K. J.; Thomas, A. L.; Rottinghaus, G. E.; Lynch, B. A.; Gang, D. R.; Folk, W. R.

Title: Characterization of a plant-specific microtubule-nucleating protein MACERATOR
Authors: Schmidt, S.; Smertenko, A.

Title: Identification and characterization of the missing phosphatase on the riboflavin biosynthesis pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana
Authors: Sa, Na; Rawat, Renu; Thornburg, Chelsea; Walker, Kevin D.; Roje, Sanja
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Authors: Tabassum, A.; Reitz, S.; Rogers, P.; Pappu, H. R.
Source: PLANT DISEASE, 100 (12):2539-2539; DEC 2016

Title: Soil microbial diversity and activity linked to crop yield and quality in a dryland organic wheat production system
Authors: Tautges, Nicole E.; Sullivan, Tarah S.; Reardon, Catherine L.; Burke, Ian C.
Source: APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 108 258-268; DEC 2016

Title: Markers Linked to Wheat Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr11 Effective to Puccinia graminis f. sp tritici Race TKTTF
Authors: Nirmala, Jayaveeramuthu; Chao, Shiaoman; Olivera, Pablo; Babiker, Ebrahiem M.; Abeyo, Bekele; Tadesse, Zerihun; Imtiaz, Muhammad; Talbert, Luther; Blake, Nancy K.; Akhunov, Eduard; Pumphrey, Michael O.; Jin, Yue; Rouse, Matthew N.  Source: PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 106 (11):1352-1358; NOV 2016

Title: Plastidic phosphoglucomutase and ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase mutants impair starch synthesis in rice pollen grains and cause male sterility
Authors: Lee, Sang-Kyu; Eom, Joon-Seob; Hwang, Seon-Kap; Shin, Dongjin; An, Gynheung; Okita, Thomas W.; Jeon, Jong-Seong
Source: JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 67 (18):5557-5569; OCT 2016

Title: OPDA Has Key Role in Regulating Plant Susceptibility to the Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne hapla in Arabidopsis
Authors: Gleason, Cynthia; Leelarasamee, Natthanon; Meldau, Dorothea; Feussner, Ivo

Title: Transcriptome Sequencing Identified Genes and Gene Ontologies Associated with Early Freezing Tolerance in Maize
Authors: Li, Zhao; Hu, Guanghui; Liu, Xiangfeng; Zhou, Yao; Li, Yu; Zhang, Xu; Yuan, Xiaohui; Zhang, Qian; Yang, Deguang; Wang, Tianyu; Zhang, Zhiwu

Title: EXTRA SPINDLE POLES (Separase) controls anisotropic cell expansion in Norway spruce (Picea abies) embryos independently of its role in anaphase progression
Authors: Moschou, Panagiotis N.; Savenkov, Eugene I.; Minina, Elena A.; Fukada, Kazutake; Reza, Salim Hossain; Gutierrez-Beltran, Emilio; Sanchez-Vera, Victoria; Suarez, Maria F.; Hussey, Patrick J.; Smertenko, Andrei P.; Bozhkov, Peter V.  Source: NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 212 (1):232-243; OCT 2016

Title: Protection of the photosynthetic apparatus against dehydration stress in the resurrection plant Craterostigma pumilum
Authors: Zia, Ahmad; Walker, Berkley J.; Oung, Hui Min Olivia; Charuvi, Dana; Jahns, Peter; Cousins, Asaph B.; Farrant, Jill M.; Reich, Ziv; Kirchhoff, Helmut
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Title: Evaluation of agronomic traits and spectral reflectance in Pacific Northwest winter wheat under rain-fed and irrigated conditions
Authors: Gizaw, Shiferaw A.; Garland-Campbell, Kimberly; Carter, Arron H.  Source: FIELD CROPS RESEARCH, 196 168-179; SEP 2016

Title:  Rice Endosperm Starch Phosphorylase (Pho1) Assembles with Disproportionating Enzyme (Dpe1) to Form a Protein Complex That Enhances Synthesis of Malto-oligosaccharides
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In memoriam – Richard M. Elliott (1954-2015)
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